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Pika started in Vancouver as a service company for both pump and air compressor systems. 23 years later we now sell and service systems BC wide. This type of personal service has given us the continued business and respect of some of the biggest industrial companies in BC.

Our Millwrights can manufacture new parts in our full service machine shop, or we can source the parts you need from one of our many suppliers.

We have only recently started dealing in air compressor sales. So we are a service company first and dealer second. We have had companies contact us requesting brand new equipment, with one visit we were able to offer a servicing solution that cost 1/4 the amount of a new machine!

We won’t mess you about, if you have a problem, we are the type of guys who will think outside of the box to solve it!

If you are having issues with either your pump or compressor system, one of our trained technicians can come out and take a look. We can let you know the most economical way to solve the problem.

I can honestly report that we’ve experienced many years of positive experience with the crew at Pika Pump and Compressor. From emergency pump and meter service to machining of one-off fittings, to tank refits and air handling challenges, we’ve had reliable, fast service. Additionally, your guys are great at finding creative ways to source and modify parts for obscure and antiquated equipment.

In an industry with lots of choice and salespeople dropping of line cards showing all the latest and greatest in material handling, it’s fortunate to be able to work with an organization which can supply all of the bells and whistles, but takes the time to understand the day to day aspects of your business and help you determine if they are truly necessary.


Jeff Rowat
Regional Operations Manager,
Quadra Chemicals Ltd.