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Air Filter Solutions

Air Filter Solutions

Hankison Air Filters

  • Superior Quality
  • Servicable Design
  • Push-On Elements for Ease of Replacement
  • Corrosion Resistant

Hankison Gives You the Compressed Air Purity and Quality You Require

The right Hankison filter or filter system will remove contaminants allowing your compressed air system to deliver the quality of air required by your application… whether it’s plant air, instrument air, or medical air…helping to ensure consistent output quality while minimizing operating costs. We will recommend and install the filters for your facility. Contact us for more information.


Grade 11:
Moisture Separator
Grade 9:
Grade 7:
General Purpose Air Line Filter
Grade 6:
Dry Particulate Air Line Filter
Grade 5:
High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter
Grade 3:
Ultra High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter
Grade 1:
Oil Vapor Removal Filter



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