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Reciprocating Air Compressors

Reciprocating Air Compressors

Champion Air Compressors

  • Currently stock 5/7.5 HP Vertical Compressor Models
  • Large Flywheel Blades for Maximum Cooling
  • Heavy Duty Inlet Filter Silencers for Quiet Operation
  • High Profile Fin Design to Ensure Cool, Vibration Free Operation
  • Totally Enclosed Belt Guard

Champion Reciprocating/Piston Compressors

Pika Says:

Champion air compressors have a number of design advantages. Cooling is improved by using many small thin cooling fins like an aircraft engine. Further, the cylinder and head are one casting with no gasket joint to impede heat transfer. Valves are external, once again aiding the removal of heat and making valve repairs simple. Heat buildup is the biggest challenge of piston air compressors and Champion have innovated to resolve this. Pressure lubricated models with an oil filter are available.

Champion Reciprocating Air Compressor

Type Name:
Reciprocating Compressor
Motor Horsepower:
3 – 35HP
CFM @ 175psi:
9.7 – 202 acfm
Construction Type:
Cast Iron
Tank size (gallon):
80 – 120
Max PSI:
Two-Stage Splash or Pressure Lubricated
5 year pump warranty



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